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God is Still Faithful by Pastor Bailey, 11-10-19   MP3 Download
Squandered Resources Tag Team by Bro Mays & Bro Lawson, 11-03-19   MP3 Download
Chaplain Fred, 10-27-19   MP3 Download
Everything Begins and Ends with Prayer by Pastor Bailey, 10-20-19   MP3 Download
A Walk of Faith, 10-20-19   MP3 Download
Isaiah 51 & 3 by Pastor Bailey, 10-13-19   MP3 Download
Certain Faith in Uncertain Times by First Lady Bailey, 10-13-19   MP3 Download
Double-Minded or Christ-Minded by Pastor Bailey, 10-06-19   MP3 Download
Walking In The Spirit by Brother W.B. May, 09-29-19   MP3 Download
The Triumph of Mercy by Pastor Bailey, 09-22-19   MP3 Download
Resting in the Hands of God by Pastor Bailey, 09-15-19   MP3 Download
Created For Deeper Intimacy With GOD by Pastor Bailey, 09-01-19   MP3 Download
God Speaks to HIS People by Pastor Bailey, 08-25-19   MP3 Download
When God is Silent by Pastor Bailey, 08-18-19   MP3 Download
The Power of Sacrifice by Pastor Bailey, 08-11-19   MP3 Download
Fighting for What's Yours by Pastor Bailey, 07-28-19   MP3 Download
Jumpstart Your Relationship with God by Pastor Bailey, 07-21-19   MP3 Download
Putting a Veil Over Your Christianity by Chaplain Johnson, 07-14-19   MP3 Download
Consider Your Ways by Pastor Bailey, 07-07-19   MP3 Download
Absolute Surrender by 1st Lady Bailey, 06-30-19   MP3 Download
Spiritual Renovation by Pastor Bailey, 06-23-19   MP3 Download
Father's Day by Brother Mays 06-16-19   MP3 Download
Hope in The Midst of Suffering by Pastor Bailey, 06-09-19   MP3 Download
God Fights For You by Pastor Bailey. 06-02-19   MP3 Download
Recognizing God's Voice by Pastor Bailey, 05-26-19   MP3 Download
A Return to Holiness by Pastor Bailey, 05-19-19   MP3 Download
The Widow's Mite by Sis Hutcheson, 05-12-19   MP3 Download
Recognizing Jesus by Pastor Bailey, 05-05-19   MP3 Download
Building on The Only Foundation by Pastor Henderson, 04-28-19   MP3 Download
Called, Appointed and Anointed by Pastor Bailey, 04-28-19   MP3 Download
Why the Resurrection Matters by Pastor Bailey, 04-21-19
  MP3 Download
Standing at the Crossroads of Faith by Pastor Bailey, 04-14-19   MP3 Download
Lord, My Life is in Your Hands by Pastor Bailey, 04-07-19   MP3 Download
Sustained Faith is not just a Choice by Deacon Horne, 03-31-19   MP3 Download
Faith for ALL our Tomorrows by Pastor Bailey, 03-10-19   MP3 Download
Hope & Hopelessness by Sis Taylor and Sis Emory, 03-03-19   MP3 Download
When Our Faith is Bigger Than Our Problems by Pastor Bailey, 03-03-19   MP3 Download
Faith to Believe GOD by Pastor Bailey, 02-24-19   MP3 Download
Salvation by Brother W.B. May 02-10-19    MP3 Download
Faith for Discouraging Times by Pastor Bailey, 02-03-19   MP3 Download
What to do When You're in Gethsemane by Pastor Bailey, 01-27-19   MP3 Download
The Miracle of God by Pastor Bailey, 01-20-19   MP3 Download
God Our Healer By Deacon Williams, 01-13-19
  MP3 Download
 - - - 2018 MESSAGES - - -  
Get Out of the Way of Your Blessing by Pastor Bailey, 12-30-18   MP3 Download
Who is Your GOD, Where is He by Minister Baron, 12-16-18   MP3 Download
Jesus-Wise men Still Seek Him by Pastor Bailey, 12-09-18   MP3 Download
Jesus-Our Redeemer by Pastor Bailey, 12-02-18   MP3 Download

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