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Jesus-Wise men Still Seek Him by Pastor Bailey, 12-09-18   MP3 Download
Jesus-Our Redeemer by Pastor Bailey, 12-02-18   MP3 Download
Jesus-GOD Provided A Savior by Pastor Bailey, 11-25-18    MP3 Download
Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving by Pastor Bailey, 11-22-18   MP3 Download
Thanksgiving: Are You The One or Nine by Minister Sabree, 11-18-18   MP3 Download
Everything is Gonna be Alright by Pastor Bailey, 11-11-18   MP3 Download
Living Holy in a Deceptive World by Pastor Bailey, 11-04-18   MP3 Download
A Prayer for Intimacy with God by Pastor Bailey, 10-28-18   MP3 Download
Intentional People of Purpose by Evangelist Darlene Nevels, 10-21-18   MP3 Download
The Father Seeks The Worshipers by Pastor Bailey, 10-21-18   MP3 Download
Lord, Show Me Your Glory by Pastor Bailey, 10-14-18   MP3 Download
God Loves Through Discipline by Pastor Bailey, 10-07-18   MP3 Download
How to Get to Know God, 10-07-18   MP3 Download
Revival P4 by First Lady Bailey, 09-30-18   MP3 Download
Revival is a Response to The Voice of God by Pastor Bailey, 09-23-18   MP3 Download
A Revived Life by Pastor Bailey, 09-16-18   MP3 Download
A Revival of Faith by Pastor Bailey, 09-09-18   MP3 Download
Standing At The Foot Of The Cross, Revival 2018   MP3 Download
Remember The Cross by Pastor Woods, 09-02-18   MP3 Download
A Cry For Revival by Pastor Bailey, 09-02-18   MP3 Download
Looking To God In The Wilderness by Pastor Bailey, 08-26-18   MP3 Download
Consider Your Ways by 1st Lady Bailey, 08-19-18   MP3 Download
Living A Stewardship Life - Part 1 - Tithing
By Missionary Haynesworth, 08-05-18
  MP3 Download
Stop Talking Yourself Out of What God Called You To Do
By Pastor Bailey, 07-29-18

  MP3 Download
God's Grace Through the Flood by Pastor Bailey, 07-22-18   MP3 Download
A Revival of Love by Pastor Bailey, 06-24-18   MP3 Download
Father's Day by Pastor Bailey, 06-17-18   MP3 Download
Finishing Well by Pastor Bailey, 06-10-18   MP3 Download
Spiritual Boot Camp (Basic Training) Pastor Bailey, 06-04-18 pm   MP3 Download
Fighting For Your Life by Pastor Bailey, 06-03-18     MP3 Download
Rebuilding Our Faith in God by Pastor Bailey, 05-27-18   MP3 Download
God's Power to Transform by Pastor Arthor, 05-20-18
  MP3 Download
Our Help Comes From The LORD by Pastor Bailey, 05-20-18   MP3 Download
Reclaiming Our Spiritual Authority by Pastor Bailey, 05-06-18   MP3 Download
Encouraging Faith by The Horne Family, 05-06-18   MP3 Download
Filled With The Holy Spirit by First Lady Bailey, 04-29-18
  MP3 Download
Waiting is God's Delivering Room by Pastor Bailey, 04-22-18   MP3 Download
A Revival in the Valley by Pastor Bailey, 04-15-18   MP3 Download
Are You Certified With Christ by Pastor Bailey, 04-08-18   MP3 Download
April 1st by Pastor Bailey   MP3 Download
Palm Sunday by Sister Haynesworth, 03-25-18   MP3 Download
The Blessing of Mercy, 03-18-18   MP3 Download
God, Our Hiding Place by Pastor Bailey, 03-11-18   MP3 Download
Doing an Honest Evaluation by Young DJ Chapman, 03-04-18   MP3 Download
Getting Into The Right Position, 02-25-18   MP3 Download
The Power of Prayer and Fasting, 02-18-18   MP3 Download
Living Life To Leave A Legacy, 02-11-18   MP3 Download
Put Your Foot On It by Elder Bailey, 02-04-18   MP3 Download
Pastor Bailey, 01-28-18   MP3 Download
Sister Carter, 01-28-18   MP3 Download
God's Way for a Successful Life, 01-21-18   MP3 Download
The God Who Seeks Us, 01-14-18   MP3 Download
Communion by Elder Bailey, 01-07-18   MP3 Download
When God Gives Second Chances by Elder Bailey, 01-07-18   MP3 Download
 - - - 2017 MESSAGES - - -
House of Prayer by Sis Bailey, 12-31-17   MP3 Download
For Unto Us A Son is Given, 12-17-17   MP3 Download
Where is GOD when life hurts by Elder Bailey, 12-10-17   MP3 Download
Pressing Our Way To Jesus by Elder Bailey, 12-03-17   MP3 Download




Toys for Tots at Shiloh Church

Shiloh in the news -
An opportunity to give back to the community

Breaking Free From the Prison of Worry
- excerpt -

Pastor Michael Henderson, preaches a soul stirring message
on how to get free from the bondage of worry.

This is a message that everyone needs to hear.
Shiloh at Awakening 2011
Oceanside Community outreach, food, entertainment,
and sharing the Gospel.

Chris Swann
Media Director