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Pressing Our Way To Jesus by Elder Bailey, 12-03-17   MP3 Download
Preparing For The King's Return by Elder Bailey, 11-26-17   MP3 Download
Restore My Joy by Elder Hascell, 11-19-17   MP3 Download
Learning To Love Leah by Elder Bailey, 11-12-17   MP3 Download
I am, by Sis Bailey 11-05-17   MP3 Download
Where is your Faith, by Elder Bailey   MP3 Download
Unshakeable Faith, by Elder Bailey   MP3 Download
A Praise at Midnight, by Elder Bailey   MP3 Download
Lord I'm Coming Home, by Elder Bailey  10-08-17   MP3 Download
The Sacrifice of Knowing Jesus, Elder Bailey 10-01-17   MP3 Download
Surrender All, 10-01-17   MP3 Download
The Mercy of U-Turns by Elder Bailey 09-24-17   MP3 Download
Youth Friday - It is Time for You to Do It 09-22-17 Pastor Simms   MP3 Download
GOD is Light so Walk in The Light 09-17-17
  MP3 Download
Jesus Will Fix It 09-17-17
  MP3 Download
We Have the Victory 09-10-17   MP3 Download
It is Time to Fast & Pray & Cry Out 09-03-17   MP3 Download
Call on His Name 09-03-17   MP3 Download
Living Without Compromise   MP3 Download
The Power of Prayer   MP3 Download
God is Working it Out   MP3 Download
God is Light, so Walk in The Light  07-30-17   MP3 Download
You are GOD'S Beloved  07-23-17   MP3 Download
Free Indeed, Elder Bailey  07-02-17   MP3 Download
The People Had The Mind To Work  06-25-17   MP3 Download
A Person After God's Heart   06-18-17   MP3 Download
Memorial Day, Elder Bailey  05-28-17   MP3 Download
I Am That I Am, Elder Bailey  05-21-17
  MP3 Download
Take Back the Things the Devil Has Stolen, Elder Bailey  05-07-17
  MP3 Download
The Audacity of Forgiveness, 04-30-17
  MP3 Download
Journey To The Cross, Elder Bailey  04-23-17
  MP3 Download
The Power of the Resurrection  4-16-17   MP3 Download
Palm Sunday by Elder Bailey  4-9-17   MP3 Download
Absolute Surrender by Sister Bailey  4-2-17   MP3 Download
The Just Shall Live by Faith by Elder Bailey 3-19-17
  MP3 Download
The Power or Influence, By Elder Bailey 3-5-17   MP3 Download
When Our Faith Is Tested By Elder Bailey
  MP3 Download
Minister Bailey 2-12-17
  MP3 Download
Renewing The Covenant By Sis Hansworth
  MP3 Download
Now Is The Time By Mother Horne
  MP3 Download
Children are an Inheritance by Sis Bailey
  MP3 Download
Chain Breaking Faith by Elder Bailey
  MP3 Download
Brokeness By Elder Bailey
  MP3 Download
New Years Day service by Sis Bailey 01-01-17
  MP3 Download



The Lineage of The King by Pastor Michael Henderson 12-11-16   MP3 Download
Let God Be Magnified by Elder Paul Haskell 12-05-16
  MP3 Download
The Sovereignty of GOD by Pastor Michael Henderson 11-27-16
  MP3 Download
The Believer's Rest by Pastor Michael Henderson 11-20-16   MP3 Download
It's Not Up There by Pastor Lafayette Dorsey 11-20-16   MP3 Download
Our Never Changing God by Evang. Tonya Bailey 11-13-16   MP3 Download
The Struggle is Real by Evang. T. Haynesworth 09-25-16   MP3 Download
Breakthrough Worship by Elder George Bailey 09-18-16   MP3 Download
God's Not Done With Me Yet by Elder Robert Mounger 09-11-16   MP3 Download
Pulling Up The Root of Bitterness by Pastor Michael Henderson 09-04-16   MP3 Download
Believing God by Elder George Bailey 08-28-16   MP3 Download
Whats up with that Anger by Pastor Michael Henderson 08-21-16   MP3 Download
God's Refining Process by Pastor Michael Henderson 08-14-16   MP3 Download
I Believe Everything Is Going To Be Alright by Pastor Michael Henderson 08-07-16   MP3 Download
Spiritual Warfare by Evangelist Tonya Bailey 07-31-16   MP3 Download
Fighting From A Place Of Victory by Pastor Michael Henderson 07-17-16
  MP3 Download
God is Worthy of the Praise Pastor Michael Henderson 07-10-16
  MP3 Download




Toys for Tots at Shiloh Church

Shiloh in the news -
An opportunity to give back to the community

Breaking Free From the Prison of Worry
- excerpt -

Pastor Michael Henderson, preaches a soul stirring message
on how to get free from the bondage of worry.

This is a message that everyone needs to hear.
Shiloh at Awakening 2011
Oceanside Community outreach, food, entertainment,
and sharing the Gospel.

Chris Swann
Media Director